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Meet Our Team

Our unique approach utilizes the most up-to-date evidence based musculoskeletal treatment options and diagnostic systems to help find the root cause of your pain. We utilize a combination of different assessments that will check for proper joint range of motion, proper muscle stability, myofascial soft tissue pain patterns, nerve referral patterns, and if necessary, checking for structural problems using diagnostic imaging to help find the answer.

We want you to be educated in your health journey and to be able to understand exactly what is going on throughout your treatment. We do not believe in long-term treatment plans that never end. A proper diagnosis leads to proper treatment with a positive clinical outcome. With that being said, we understand not every musculoskeletal issue is the same and is not treatable solely by conservative providers.

Our unique clinical backgrounds and treatment approach often leads to collaborative care with additional healthcare providers. When providers truly put your pain as a priority, often teamwork from different fields work together to provide the best clinical outcomes.



Nicholas Boris, D.C.

Dr. Nicholas Boris is a licensed Chiropractic Physician who utilizes a functional based approach to patient care. He has a passion to help people with musculoskeletal pain and injuries get back to doing the activities that they love. Utilizing a functional approach to treatment, his goals are to not only get the patient out of pain but find the underlying cause of the problem and restore proper movement through exercise and rehab. Dr. Boris puts a heavy emphasis on patient education and movement so that his patients feel empowered to continue staying active and improving themselves. 


Before opening Arkansas Muscle & Joint with Dr. Tonymon, he was the full time Chiropractor at Camp Interventional Pain and still loves seeing patients on a limited part time basis there. What lit a fire in Dr. Boris to help people in pain stems from his father. His father is a retired Coast Guard C-130J pilot. Upon his fathers retirement, his family moved to Arkansas for his fathers new job instructing students how to fly C-130’s on the LRAFB. Over time his fathers lower back pain eventually led to surgery which led to another surgery and even another surgery. Through this Dr. Boris watched the effects of pain and the grueling side effects that can come with it. Frustration grew immensely from watching the lack of communication between multiple healthcare professionals, the outdated treatment styles, and the constant differing opinions on what was causing it and how to approach it. Having this outside perspective lit a fire to help solve these recurring problems in healthcare. Dr. Boris’s goal is to simply find better ways to improve this problem through evidence based treatment styles and collaboration between multiple health professions.


In his free time Dr. Boris enjoys spending time with his wife Lauren, and goldendoodle Brady. His favorite hobbies are weight lifting and fishing all around NWA.

Dr. Boris has taken over 800 hours of additional musculoskeletal based continuing education courses to further his education in pain management, and musculoskeletal rehab.


Matthew Tonymon, D.C.

Dr. Matt Tonymon is a licensed Chiropractic Physician who has a passion for functional movement, strength and conditioning, and sports performance. His approach uses an evidence-based combination of chiropractic adjustments, manual therapy, dry needling, and functional rehabilitation to provide patients with results that last.  


Dr. Tonymon is the son of Dr. Kenneth Tonymon, a local neurosurgeon that inspired him to pursue a career within healthcare.  Throughout his youth and high school, he played numerous sports such as baseball, golf, and swimming.  He attended the University of Arkansas prior to graduating from Logan University in 

December of 2020 with his Doctorate of Chiropractic.


While in school at Logan University, he was heavily involved with Rehab2Performance, Motion Palpation Institute, and other campus-leading clubs.  Dr. Tonymon has taken hundreds of hours of continuing education courses to broaden his treatment approaches and continue learning to best understand his patients.


Outside of AMJ, Dr. Tonymon enjoys working out, listening to music, playing golf, playing video games, and watching the Razorbacks, Cowboys, and Cardinals!


B.S.- Exercise Kinesiology - University of Arkansas

D.C.- Doctorate of Chiropractic - Cleveland University KC

MDT- McKenzie Methods / Diagnosis and Therapy – Part A,B,C

TPDN- Trigger Point Dry Needling

DNS – Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization – Exercise 1 & 2

SFMA – Selective Functional Movement Assessment

FMS – Functional Movement Systems

FTMI – Functional Taping for Musculoskeletal Injuries

FAKTR – Functional and Kinetic Treatment with Rehabilitation

MPI – Motion Palpation Institute

Rehab to Fitness – Progressing patients from Rehab programs to Fitness programs

TPI – Titleist Performance Institute Certified

OnBaseU- OnBase University Certified

D.C.- Doctorate of Chiropractic

MDT- McKenzie Diagnosis and Therapy – Part A,B,C

TPDN- Trigger Point Dry Needling

DNS – Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization – Part B

SFMA - Selective Functional Movement Assessment

ART - Active Release Techniques - Spine Level 1 (2019)

MPI - Motion Palpation Institute

DTM - Dermal Traction Method

FPM - First Principles of Movement (Primer)

FYOB - Fix Your Own Back w/ Dr. Phillip Snell


Arkansas Muscle & Joint

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1380 Westpark Drive Suite 14 Bentonville, Ar 72712

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