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Chiropractic Adjustments (Manipulation)

Chiropractic Adjustments (Manipulation)- The first question we often get is “what are chiropractic adjustments, and what do they do?”. At Arkansas Muscle & Joint we base how we practice strictly off of evidence based clinical research. The research on manipulation is clear and shows it’s very effective in increasing range of motion and segmental mobility, along with decreasing pain and improving overall movement in the manipulated area.


So how does that work? 

The simple way to answer this is in understanding what a joint restriction is and how it can cause biomechanical movement dysfunction throughout the spine and or extremities. A joint restriction is simply an area of the spine or extremities that lacks the proper range of motion. Over time a joint restriction can become stiff, tight, painful, and also cause the joints above and below to over compensate resulting in further movement dysfunction. At Arkansas Muscle & Joint we use adjustments (manipulation) in conjunction with additional treatment tools to aid in restoring proper range of motion. In summary, manipulation is a fantastic tool that helps decrease pain by restoring proper joint range of motion, and proper movement biomechanics.


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